Small Farm Specialty Crop & Livestock Marketing

Price reports for markets seasons -- fresh fruits, vegetagles and meats

Market cost calculator -- estimate and compare marketing costs for various direct markets by entering your own data

Animal Welfare Certification Programs: guide to help livestock producers navigate the many animal welfare certifications and labels available and to identify which may be most appropriate and desirable for their livestock.

Colorado MarketMaker -- web based mapping system that producers can use to locate markets for agricultural products in Colorado and consumers can use to locate businesses and marketplaces for agricultural products

Colorado Farm to Market -- resources to clarify federal, state and local regulations and offer safe handling recommendations from field to market, intended for farmers' market vendors, farmers' market managers, agricultural producers, food product manufacturers and others targeting direct markets

Exploring Value-Added Enterprises

Agritourism -- resources for agricultural producers interested in agritourism, developed with the Colorado Department of Agriculture

Branded beef -- information for beef producers interested in learning more about producing and marketing beef products for niche markets:

Small-scale small ruminant business development -- basic overview of production, management and marketing considerations for smaller-scale small ruminant production (fact sheet, PowerPoint).

"Raising Sheep and Goats for Profit" Video Interviews with Livestock Producers:

Small-scale poultry business development - basic overview of production, management and marketing considerations for smaller-scale poultry production (fact sheet, PowerPoint) Raising Poultry for Profit" Video Interviews with Livestock Producers:

Cottage food production -
Background information on Cottage Foods in Colorado:

Resources for developing a cottage food business:

Resources for marketing cottage food products:

Business Planning and Transition


Food Systems and Agricultural Policy

Projects, research, tools and other information on food systems, from local, state and national sources.

Monthly newsletters - produced by Colorado State University Extension providing updates on news and resources from around the state and beyond:

On-Farm Food Safety

To become more familiar with food safety on-farm, view this webinar series on Good Agricultural Practices, along with slides:

To start developing an on-farm plan, view the webinar:

Explore the Colorado Farm Plan Template: and refer to the Colorado Farm Plan Guide:

Comment periods have been extended to September 16, 2013 for the FDA's Proposed Produce Safety Rule and the Proposed Preventive Controls Rule, developed under the 2011 Food Safety Modernization Act. Full text of the rules and other information is found at:

For additional resources, see: